There’s A Frog On Your Head

One April first, when I was little, my Mom decided to teach me about April Fool’s Day & practical jokes. She made the mistake of giving the example “It’s like telling someone ‘you have a frog on your head’, when they don’t.” I then proceeded to harass her all day about the frog on her head.
This incident from 30+ years ago has now turned into a family joke that we repeat every year.
The biggest payoff EVER was the year I decided to educate my 4 year old brother about April Fool’s Day. Of course, I didn’t explain anything beforehand; I just said ‘Hey Bubba – you’ve got a frog on your head.” With both arms flailing, he tried to knock it away, hysterically screaming “Get it off!! Get it off!” I laughed so hard, I almost had an ‘accident’ and my poor Mom had to intervene and calm him down.
Since there are only the two of us, he never had a younger sibling to play this joke on. He shared it with our dog, Beauty, but she didn’t seem to care, as exhibited in this photo.

frog on head


Oh well. I’m sure when my nephew is old enough, he’ll be surprised by a frog on his head some April Fool’s Day.


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