Let Me Introduce Myself…

Since I’m new to this blogosphere, I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself… (Okay, so I totally stole this from a previous FB post, but it’s still true…)


25 Random Things About Me


1. My folks made up the name Shanda – I was named after my mother, Sharon, and my cousin Brenda.


2. My world is very small. I am always meeting friends of friends, or having scary small world moments. Like when I called to cancel a flight reservation and the ticket agent’s son-in-law worked with my father.


3. I tried being a red-head in high school after some bad “sun-in” results. (Not a good look for me).


4. I love to travel. I’d like to go to every continent before I die. I’ve been to 5 European countries, 3 Canadian provinces, 2 Bahamian Islands and 37 US states. (Yes, I got bored one day & counted.)


5. My background is American mutt with English, Scottish, German, French, Irish, and a great-great grandmother of unknown origin that no-one would ever talk about.


6. When I was little, my dad would wake me up every morning by singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to me.


7. While on a science club field trip to Kennedy Space Center my senior year of high school, Abby and I got ‘accidentally’ separated from our group. We made a lot of new friends, and not surprisingly, they were mostly young men. 🙂 I ended up becoming friends with Gloria Estefan’s cousin, Eduardo, that day; although we’ve lost touch over the years.


8. Roses and Peonies are my favorite flowers – especially the pink & red shades.


9. I love the sound of tires on gravel.


10. Kirk Franklin’s ‘Why We Sing’ is how I was introduced to contemporary Black Gospel Music. I saw the video on the Bobby Jones’ Gospel TV show. It totally rocked my world and altered my music tastes forever…


11. I love old movies. Love love love. TCM and BBC America are the main reasons that I have extended cable.


12. The older I get, the more I respect Dolly Parton – her songwriting, her desire to make a difference in the world around her and her love for people.


13. Danny Kaye and Dick Van Dyke were my biggest childhood crushes. I still can’t hear “Inchworm”, “Chim Chim Cheree”, or “Hushabye Mountain” without getting a little choked up.


14. I have a list of ‘Holiday’ movies that I like to watch on certain days of the year.


15. Barbara Ann used to own the local barbeque place in my hometown of Hilliard – it was decorated with Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia. She and her cousins had a replica General Lee car that they rode in during every parade. Her dad (our Mayor) dressed up like Boss Hogg and chased after them in his Cadillac convertible. And I am not joking.


16. I’m actually a very shy and private person. I have learned how to push through that when necessary over the years, but when I’m in a large crowd of folks I don’t know well, I usually retreat.


17. I ran into Jon Cryer with his son at Disneyland a few years back. He was doing voices and playing with action figures – it was very cute. I wanted to call him “Duckie” and talk about ‘Pretty in Pink’, but restrained myself.


18. The only fan letter I ever wrote was to the band Menudo. My childhood friend Sherry and I sent them an invitation to visit Callahan, and made sure we told them about her pool and offered them free hair cuts in her mom’s salon.


19. Charlie Avery and Michael Jones introduced me to the work of Weird Al Yankovic. I will forever be grateful.


20. I’m a closet cowgirl and have a secret desire to live out on a ranch in the west at least part-time. Of course, one solid week of actually feeding and caring for large animals may cure that quickly.


21. The TV show ‘Emergency” made me want to be a paramedic. Thanks to my high school buds, Ronnie Gordon and Ronald Doan, I got to learn more than I ever wanted to about why I couldn’t handle accident scenes. (Although police scanners do come in handy when you’re skipping school – or so I heard.)


22. I was scared by the “Nutcracker” ballet as a child. (Hello – HUGE rats chase after a little girl??) I am still creeped out by both nutcracker dolls and that ballet’s music.


23. The Cummer Art Museum and Gardens in Jacksonville is one of my favorite places. Ever. David Blount and I went there for extra credit in a college Humanities class, and I now go back just about every time I am home for a visit.


24. I am a closet writer – both books and music. I’ve played at it for years, but never have been disciplined enough to work hard at it. About a year ago, I accomplished a major goal – my friend Kurt helped me actually chart out my first original song. Even better, he said it didn’t stink.


25. My favorite small world moment from college – while in the JFK International terminal on our way to sing in Europe, the kids in my group made a bet with me. They were going to pick a random person and I had to know someone in common with him/her or I owed them $5.00 each. I took the bet and they picked a heavily pierced and tattooed young man with a blue Mohawk. Turns out he attended art school with my cousin’s best friend, so I walked away with an extra $40!



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